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It’s natural to lose facial volume and definition and gain lines & wrinkles as you age. If lost facial volume has left you looking more gaunt than glowing, have no fear: treatment with dermal fillers – sometimes referred to as a “liquid facelift” – can provide an excellent solution to the problem of lost collagen.

Dermal fillers can achieve overall beauty enhancement by contouring and balancing the profile of the face, adding volume to the lips, augmenting the cheeks, and smoothing out lines & wrinkles. They are excellent solutions to these common signs of facial aging:

  • Deep lines & wrinkles
  • Lost volume in the lips
  • Hollowness or dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Noticeable nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth)
  • Loss of skin elasticity and collagen
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How does it work?

Dermal fillers are an effective way to boost volume and define facial features. They are a non-surgical way to add volume and structure and enhance your natural facial features. As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and natural hydration. Fillers are an excellent treatment to restore volume and plumpness to lips, cheeks, chin, jawline, and the area under the eyes.

As we age, our ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. This means our skin begins to lose volume and elasticity in key areas. Using a soft gel that mimics the natural proteins already present in our bodies, Dermal Fillers are an effortless and affordable way to restore volume and hydrate areas that appear tired or sunken.

Dermal fillers are also temporary, which can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. The effects of dermal fillers typically last between six months to two years, depending on the specific product used and individual factors. This means that individuals have the option to maintain or adjust their results over time. However, it also means that repeat treatments are necessary to sustain the desired appearance.

Overall, dermal fillers are a popular and effective option for individuals looking to enhance their facial features and achieve a more youthful appearance. They provide instant results, natural-looking outcomes, and require minimal downtime. However, it is important to consult with a qualified and experienced medical professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedure to ensure safety and optimal results.

Our treatments



Lips are a defining feature of your face, so it’s important that they’re well-balanced, symmetrical, and have great volume. Lip augmentation is created with lip injections and lip fillers.

Lip injections have numerous benefits and are highly recommended for those who struggle with wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth area, have thin and poorly shaped lips or desire fuller lips.



Dermal fillers can be used to shape, enhance and restore lost volume to cheeks, resulting in an instant lift and providing balance and symmetry to the face.

Over time our cheek fat pads start to diminish in volume leaving the skin less supported structurally in the midface, affecting nearby areas including the skin around our eyes and lines around our mouth. Dermal cheek fillers add volume and definition to the face, as well as a big boost of hydration.



The chin is an important feature of the lower third of the face. By enhancing the chin, the jawline can be sharpened, the profile of the face balanced, and the apparent amount of excess skin and fat in the neck can be reduced. Non-surgically, the chin can be enhanced with dermal fillers.

A chin enhancement can help to create a strong chin and strike a visual balance between your nose, neck and cheeks. The chin helps to shape the face and, along with the jawline, provide definition and contour for the rest of your features. For those who suffer from a receding or ‘weak’ chin, it can give the impression that their face is a lot shorter than it actually is. It also throws out the proportions of your other features.


Nasolabial folds

Dermal fillers lift and correct nasolabial folds, the lines from the corner of the lower nose to the corner of the mouth, restoring volume for a fuller and smoother mid face area.

Nasolabial fold filler can be used to lift and treat these folds, which occur with ageing and volume loss in the cheek area. Nasolabial folds are the lines from the lower nose corner to the corner of the mouth which make the face appear more aged.

Filler injections will make the area look smoother and younger, with less of a demarcation between the cheeks and the lower face.

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